Educational institutions

By introducing the HelypNet system, your students will be just a click away from you in every situation.

  • With the immediate contact system, your students using the HelpyNet app can report their notes  and requests, order services, or call in an emergency.
  • The HelpyNet system makes two way communication possible. This way, you can also send important messages or alarms in case of an emergency. You can send information messages to your students and notify them about current affairs and news, like news, temporary programs, etc. without intranet system.
How it works

Use your browser to enter the HelpyNet Central Control System (CCS), which is set up to your needs, to get in continuous touch with your students.

Encourage your students to use the HelpyNet app so they can be just one click away from your business.

Get in touch with your students: with this immediate communication system you can notify your users about anything, and they can get in touch with you about any important issue.

This new, innovative technology (mobile tracing, GPS) optimizes disposition and dispatch: the system gives the fastest, best possible solution every time to the customers.

Price of service: By custom agreement.