Logistics and Security

All you need is a smartphone! By using HelpyNet, you will not need to buy and install expensive GPS devices. You can follow, track & trace or record all movements of your employees or subcontractors with a single app, whereever they are in the world. In any situation. / Any time. 

  • By downloading the app to your smartphone, the GPS of your device is used, so there is no need for additional devices. By using the HelpyNet app, even large numbers of employees can be monitored, controlled, optimized or even be viewed. Usage is suggested to every company where cost effective (home)deliveries are a must, like bicycle couriers, food home deliveries, drivers' aid services, etc.
  • In the control center system, you can always see live info about subcontractors of people and vehicles, and their course so far, so you can optimize your operation effectiveness.
How it works

Use your browser to enter the HelpyNet Central Control System (CCS), which is set up to your needs, to get in continuous touch with the employees and subcontractors of your area.

The downloaded app continuously keeps in touch with the MIS / CCS system thru the smart device, and constantly shows the location of the employee.

Optimize your company's operations: with the immediate contact system you can see the location of the persons and vehicles to make the best possible decision.

Beside optimizing routes, you can use HelpyNet to send and receive data in the system to make work more effective.

Price of service: 3 EUR/person/month