End User

The safety of our family is of utmost importance. Be anywhere in the world, in any situation, and be just one click away from your loved ones by using the HelpyNet professional system!

  • If you want to take care of your family. Choose the free HelpyNet app, that can be used to send a report, or call in an emergency so help can come in time.
  • If you get into trouble, or just see suspicious looking people approaching you, hit the help button on the HelpyNet app so your family gets instant notification, as well as the local team can head your way to help.
  • Make sure your loved ones are safe. HelpyNet is not only available through the freely downloadable  app, but you can also purchase certain certified tools for it. For seniors, it could be important that it is also available over a landline, and you can have a single button GPS alarm as well. For better security of your children, fancy GPS cracelets are available, but you can also get traceable collars for your pets.
  • As an extra service, you can also get a simple online surface to set the system to your needs, and you can track &trace the HelpyNet devices in the family, whereever they may be in the world, and communicate with them, one by one, or all at once.
How it works

Download the HelpyNet free app on your smart device.

Set the people the system must notify immediately thru e-mail or text in case of an emergency. Your exact location will be included in the message. If you want to use this service, you can set up the online surface accordingly, and look over the system from any location.

In case of an emergency, the previously set list of persons will be notified automatically, persons nearest to you can help.

By giving more and more details available about you, you can make sure the emergency units have all necessary information available in case of an emergency.

If you purchase our extra family service option, you can set up the online surface with your unique signup to set and monitor the HelpyNet devices of your loved ones.

Price of extra service (online surface):
12 EUR/family/month - number of family members unlimited